Cipia-FS10 is a video telematics and driver monitoring solution for fleets and telematics service providers 

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Advanced driver monitoring

Cipia-FS10 uses an infrared sensor and advanced computer vision AI to detect in real-time the drivers’ state and actions. Delivering life-saving alerts to the driver while providing fleet manager /dispatcher tailored alerts per driver and in-cabin insights. Cipia-FS10 detects:


Detecting driver drowsiness/Fatigue


Detecting distracted driving - eyes off road

Driver ID

Driver recognizing, identifying pre-enrolled drivers


Detecting actions such as holding a phone, smoking and seatbelt usage

Designed for fleets

The detection of the driver’s state, actions and identification enable life-saving and cost-saving features to the fleet management and its drivers. In addition to the real-time alerts to the driver, Cipia-FS10 offers unique features which were designed specifically to serve fleet management’s needs. The features include:

The underlaying tech

The underlaying technology is based in Cipia’s proprietary driver monitoring software which was selected by car makers (OEMs) worldwide, for integration into their vehicles.  The technology is in cars on the roads today.

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