Cipia is a leading provider of in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry.
We offer, driver monitoring systems (DMS), and occupancy monitoring systems (OMS) for cars and fleets worldwide. The proprietary technology uses edge-based computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to create safer and smarter in-car experiences. Over a decade of research and development stand behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology, which has been selected by OEMs globally and serves vehicles on the roads today.
Cipia is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing can see and accomplish – to make better and safer mobility experiences.

Our Products

Cipia’s intelligent sensing solutions for the in-car environment include: Driver Sense – an advanced driver monitoring system (DMS) tracking drivers and their real-time state, Cabin Sense – an occupancy and interior monitoring system (OMS) which monitors the entire in-car environment, and Cipia-FS10 –Cipia’s aftermarket video telematics and driver monitoring device for fleets and telematics system providers (TSPs).

These three solutions have been designed to increase safety and enhance the in-car experience.


Driver Sense is our software-based driver monitoring system (DMS). It monitors in real-time the driver’s state, detecting signs of drowsiness as well as distracted driving. Recognition of enrolled drivers and detection of actions (such as wearing a seatbelt and holding a cellphone) are also available. The embedded software solution is offered to OEMs and Tier1s for production program integration. Driver Sense is designed to assist OEMs to comply with GSR and Euro NCAP requirements.

Driver Sense – driver monitoring solution can detect the following:

  • Driver monitoring for regulatory compliance
  • Drowsiness
  • Distraction
  • Wearing a seatbelt
  • Recognition of enrolled drivers
  • Holding a phone
  • Smoking


Cipia-FS10 is our video telematics and driver monitoring device for telematics system providers (TSPs) and fleets. As an aftermarket solution, Cipia-FS10 was designed to detect driver fatigue, distractions, and actions, enabling life-saving alerts to the driver, and cost-saving features to the fleet management system (FMS). The fleet sensing device reports the driver’s state (attentive, drowsy, distracted, asleep), their actions (smoking, holding a phone, wearing a seatbelt and facemask) and identification of enrolled drivers. An optional road-facing camera is also available in the Cipia-FS10 Plus model. The device is offered to TSPs and fleets for integration into commercial vehicles globally. A software / software + camera solution is also available for TSPs building their own device.

Cipia-FS10, video telematics device for fleets detects::

  • Fatigue (drowsiness)
  • Distraction
  • Driver ID
  • Wearing a Seatbelt
  • Holding a phone
  • Smoking
  • An optional Dashcam is available


Cabin Sense is our driver and interior monitoring solution (IMS) for the in-car environment. This software solution is designed to enhance driver and passenger safety and their  experience. Cabin Sense algorithms and API are designed to work with the OEM’s / Tier 1’s selected in-cabin camera module/sensor.

Cabin Sense offers:

  • Driver monitoring for regulatory compliance
  • Seat occupancy
  • Posture
  • Wearing a seatbelt
  • Passenger identification
  • Object detection (such as bags and phones)
Design Wins

Our Technology

From day one we focused on creating intelligent sensing solutions for the devices around us. We started our Journey creating computer vision solutions for devices which used simple VGA sensors and had the equivalent CPU performance of a modern coffee maker…
With that starting point, we are now able to deliver cutting-edge in-cabin sensing solutions using today’s far more superior off-the-shelf cameras and computing power.
Our sensing solutions are fully embedded and optimized for lean edge processing, on the device in real-time. Providing high performance even for systems with lean computing requirements and capable of running several neural networks in parallel, locally, on ARM processors.
The core of our technology is software based, Driver Sense and Cabin Sense, driver and occupancy monitoring solutions, are offered to OEMs and Tier 1s as a software solution. Cipia has camera partners and can recommend a camera supplier in case needed. Cipia-FS10 device is offered as an aftermarket solution for telematics system provider’s and fleets.

Lean Edge Processing
The embedded nature of Cipia’s computer vision AI entails optimization for lean processing requirements, as well as the flexibility to integrate the solution in various environments from basic ARM CPU based systems to advanced NPUs.
Partner and customer focused

Cipia offers a host of professional services for streamlining the integration, from evaluation  hardware and validation guidelines, through camera location analysis, customer camera certification and SoC porting, to dedicated model training for camera movement support and auto-calibration.

Our ecosystem & experience

With partner driven strategy, Cipia’s offerings are already pre-integrated on and tested with a variety of market leading SoCs and sensors. This experience does not only translate to shorter time to market and cheaper integration, but also to expertise of porting our algorithms to various neural processing architectures. Our customers and partners include leading Tier 1 providers, OEMs, Telematics System Providers, chipset companies and automotive camera makers. We have developed a strong ecosystem to support our various in-cabin sensing solutions.


Cipia’s embedded sensing solutions for OEMs and Tier 1s are fully private and secure. Our solutions analyze the video stream in real-time, translating it to metadata. No images are stored, recorded, or sent from the device. For TSPs and Fleets, the customer may choose whether to receive text-based alerts only or include video snippets before and after an event. Under both cases, Cipia does not receive or store video data of any kind.