Cabin Sense


Cipia is a leader in computer vision AI, focusing on in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry. Cabin Sense is our Driver and Occupancy Interior Monitoring System, it was created to enhance driver and passenger safety and the in-cabin experience.

Cabin sense detects

Seat Occupancy


(Enrolled) Passenger Identification


Driver distraction

Driver Drowsiness

Hands on Wheel

Object Detection (such as bags and phones)

Occupant safety

Cabin Sense provides real-time optimization of safety systems, by analyzing occupants’ state and position in the car. Interior monitoring enables seatbelt reminder, regulation of airbag deployment according to passenger position in real-time, seatbelt alerts if worn incorrectly, and reminders for the presence of children in the car. 

In-cabin experience

Driver and occupant facial recognition enables adjustment of the in-car environment to suit individual preferences. Cabin Sense detects how many people are in the car and returning users. Carmakers can use this valuable data to customize the riding experience; set the cabin’s temperature, automatically adjust the seat position and infotainment functions according to personal preferences. Object reminder alerts ensure valuables such as phones are not left behind.

Our offering

Cabin Sense is a software solution offering advanced computer vision AI algorithm library and API. Our software solution is accompanied by professional services for optimization, porting, camera selection and positioning, validation and more.