Driver Sense

driver monitoring system

Driver Sense is Cipia’s (formerly Eyesight Technologies) software-based driver monitoring system (DMS) for OEMs and Tier 1s. Cipia is a leading computer vision and AI provider, powering in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry. Cipia’s Driver Sense focuses on the driver, identifying and monitoring visual attributes in real-time to determine his/her state and actions.


Using embedded computer vision and AI, Driver Sense tracks head pose, blink rate, direction of gaze and other visual attributes to establish if the driver is focused on the road, distracted or drowsy. The detection of driver state enables our customers to deliver real-time life-saving alerts to the driver.


Eyes On road



On top of the safety related driver monitoring features, Driver Sense is further designed to enhance the driver’s in-cabin experience by detecting enrolled drivers. This feature enables our customers to tailor the in-cabin environment to the recognized driver on board, adjusting the cabin temperature, media preferences, seat, mirrors and more.


By tracking the driver’s head pose and direction of gaze, area of interest (AOI) based enhancements can be enabled, both for safety and convenience. The in-cabin environment can be tailored to the recognized driver on board, adjusting the cabin temperature, media preferences, seat, mirrors and more.

Head Position

Direction of gaze


In order to support functional safety requirements, Driver Sense constantly monitors the video quality to detect potential hardware malfunctions. For cameras mounted on moving parts such as the steering wheel column, an auto-calibration algorithm is applied in real time.

Driver Sense detects potential noise factors such as masks and glasses, as well as dangerous behavior including phone usage, smoking and not wearing a seatbelt.

Mask & Glasses




Auto Calibration


Flexibility and Unique offerings

Driver Sense is integrated into production programs in three main ways, designed to address the specific production program’s needs.
Entry level mass market

Lowest total system cost compliance with European safety standard and regulations

Cipia’s lean hardware requirements for processing and sensor are ported on low-end cost-effective processors which enable full compliance. The integration provides an optimal solution for existing models which require minimal modifications, as well as for lower-end models focused on cost-effective DMS.


Driver Sense pre-integrated on Mobileye EyeQ

  • Cost saving vs. dedicated DMS ECU
  • Hosted on ASIL B rated SoC
  • Pre-integrated – saving time and cost
  • One stop shop ADAS and DMS solution
IVI integration

Leveraging lean hardware requirements for integration on the infotainment SoC

  • Employs existing shared hardware resources
  • Available for integration on popular SoCs
  • Enables advanced HMI functions

The Technology

The core of Cipia’s solutions is based on advanced, proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI). Driver Sense is built of two layers, providing flexibility for embedding in partner systems. At its core, Driver Sense utilizes computer vision algorithms to track and report in real-time visual attributes, associated with the driver. We built a second logic layer which analyzes the data provided from the first layer into physiological conclusions of the driver’s state. The logic layer is based on extensive research and testing, in which the relationship between visual facial cues, drowsiness and distraction was proven. Our driver logic detects the earliest stages of drowsiness, enabling life-saving mechanisms to intelligently react in real-time.

Watch Driver Sense in action