Eyesight Technologies is now Cipia.

We are excited to announce that Eyesight Technologies is now Cipia.
As of December 8th, 2020, Eyesight Technologies has changed its name and is now Cipia. 

Over a decade ago, we embarked on a journey to enhance user experiences.
We reimagined the way we interact with devices, giving machines eyesight to see and understand our natural interactions. 

The name Cipia was born to reflect the company’s vision and its intelligent sensing capabilities, it was inspired by our brain’s occipital lobe which ‘translates’ what we see into an understanding of the environment around us. With the evolution of our company from our beginnings in classic computer-vision, to today’s neural networks based technology, the name Cipia is not merely a cosmetic change, but also a name that pays homage to both the rich past of our company, as well as representing the promise of the future.

We expanded into the automotive realm where driver monitoring can save lives. We now power in-cabin safety functions and advanced experiences, creating safer and smarter cars and fleets.

We no longer provide machines with mere eyesight. We employ logic and methodologies which emulate our brain and its higher-level functions.  The brain’s occipital lobe processes the visual data from the optic nerve – giving meaning to human vision. The occipital lobe is also the inspiration for our name.

We are Cipia.

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