Article in Huffpost: Using Computer Vision And AI To Personalise Experiences Inside And Outside The Home

Our CEO, Gideon Shmuel gave his take on computer vision & AI in our daily lives, check it out on the Huffpost UK:

“There are various layers within a house that serve a specific purpose, and when combined they create what we call a “home.” For example, some are meant to keep us secure and comfortable (i.e. the door we lock, indoor security cameras, air conditioning and lighting), while some are meant to entertain us (i.e. TVs and sound systems) or simply maintain us (i.e. food in our refrigerators and the roof above our heads).

To reach new levels of security, comfort and entertainment we need to embrace the idea of welcoming computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) into our homes. Computer vision-based user data will improve our daily lives by creating an intelligent home that not only shelters us from the outside world, but knows who we are and what we like – like a personal butler. Computer vision allows devices/systems to detect and recognize what and who they “see.” Then, using AI and deep learning they can learn behaviors overtime to deliver smart actions according to what they were programmed to do. ”

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