Cipia Announces: New Design Win with Automaker Chery

Cipia’s Driver Sense driver monitoring system (DMS) entering European Market as part of new design win

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 20, 2022Cipia (TASE:CPIA),an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, today announced that the company was awarded a design win for an electric vehicle (EV) with automaker Chery. The EV model is designed for the European and LATAM markets, with the expected start of production (SOP) by the start of 2023.

The new model will feature the recently announced integration of Cipia’s Driver Sense DMS on Ambarella’s CV28 SoC. The CV28 – Driver Sense integration utilizes neural networks to offer robust driver monitoring capabilities that comply with highest global automotive regulatory standards, while maintaining the leanest available computing requirements.

Cipia’s Driver Sense solution utilizes AI and computer vision on the edge to monitor the driver’s state in real-time. The DMS monitors key indicators to detect signs of drowsiness and distraction and enable lifesaving alerts.

“Our Driver Sense is designed to deliver OEMs and Tier 1s with a lean yet robust DMS solution, while also standing up to the strict regulatory requirements in the EU and around the world.” said Yehuda Holzman, CEO of Cipia “We are confident that the presence of our DMS will create a safer driving experience in the new European market”

The latest win increases the total number of design wins for Cipia globally to 24 vehicle models, on 8 different platforms across 5 car manufacturers. Cipia’s customers now include an electric car manufacturer in the US, SAIC Motors, Chery, an American car brand in China, and one additional leading car manufacturers in China.


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About Cipia:


Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company focuses on the automotive in-cabin environment, offering Driver Sense – driver monitoring system, Cabin Sense – occupancy monitoring systems and Cipia-FS10 – a driver monitoring and video telematics device for fleets. Over a decade of research and development stands behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology. Cipia is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing solutions can see and accomplish, for better and safer mobility.