Cipia Announces: Cipia’s Driver Sense DMS now available on Ambarella’s CV28 Automotive SoC

Integration expands longstanding partnership between the companies, and provides highly efficient offering using Cipia’s multiple Neural Networks based DMS

Tel Aviv, Israel,- April, 27, 2022Cipia (TASE:CPIA), a computer vision AI in-cabin automotive solutions provider, today announced an expansion of the company’s existing partnership with Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), an edge AI semiconductor and software company. Cipia announced the integration and general availability of its leading Driver Sense DMS on Ambarella’s CV28 SoC, to offer state of the art driver monitoring with the leanest available computing requirements.

Ambarella’s CV28 combines advanced image signal processing, high-resolution video encoding, and CVflow® computer vision processing in a single SoC. The lean computing requirements of Cipia’s driver monitoring system (DMS) software, combined with the efficient architecture of Ambarella’s CV28 SoC, provide low power consumption and reduced thermal management. This allows the combined solution to fit in extremely small form factors, such as rear view mirrors, while not compromising on the performance and capabilities that OEMs require. Additionally, this solution complies with existing and anticipated DMS automotive regulations. The CV28 integrates Ambarella’s latest-generation ISP, which is capable of processing monochrome (IR) as well as RGB-Ir sensors.

Cipia’s neural networks architecture efficiency, and the additional optimization for Ambarella’s CVflow AI engine, leave ample room for additional capabilities on the CV28. The Euro-compliant basic DMS utilizes only 50% of the SoC’s total Arm® cores and 10% of the CVflow engine’s AI processing power. The advanced DMS setup, with detection of driver ID and dangerous activities (phone usage, smoking and seatbelt fastening), utilizes 60% of the total Arm cores and 35% of the CVflow AI engine.

“This latest integration continues our longstanding and successful partnership with Ambarella,” said David Tolub, CEO of Cipia. “Ambarella’s CVflow SoC portfolio includes the ideal combination of a powerful image processing pipeline, CPU power and neural processing acceleration. It enables Cipia to run many neural networks at a high frame rate, and to provide a broad range of features that could not run on a CPU-only processor.”

“We’re seeing a significant increase in demand for advanced driver monitoring systems,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO at Ambarella. “The efficiency of Cipia’s neural networks offers automakers a wide range of DMS features with high levels of accuracy, while the low-power operation enables the camera to be mounted in a variety of locations within the vehicle.”

Ambarella CV28 - Driver Sense DMS - Cipia integration

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Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company focuses on the automotive in-cabin environment, offering Driver Sense – driver monitoring system, Cabin Sense – occupancy monitoring systems and Cipia-FS10 – a driver monitoring and video telematics device for fleets. Over a decade of research and development stands behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology. Cipia is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing solutions can see and accomplish, for better and safer mobility.