Eyesight Technologies and Ambarella Expand Partnership for Aftermarket Fleet Industry

The fleet-targeted solution will use Ambarella’s CV25 chip to equip commercial vehicles already on the road with state of the art DMS

Tel Aviv, November 17, 2020 Eyesight Technologies, an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, and Ambarella (Nasdaq: AMBA), an AI vision system-on-chip (SoC) supplier today announced the expansion of their existing partnership for OEMs and Tier 1s to include the fleet aftermarket industry. Eyesight Technologies will integrate Ambarella’s CV25 CVflow® processor in the company’s upcoming aftermarket solution for fleets and Telematic Service Providers (TSPs).


With over 140 million registered commercial vehicles in the U.S. alone, and hundreds of millions more commercial vehicles worldwide, the ability to retrofit existing commercial vehicles with cutting-edge driver monitoring capabilities is vital toward making our roads safer today.


Eyesight Technologies’ Driver Monitoring Solution (DMS) utilizes computer vision and AI to monitor the driver’s head pose, blink rate, gaze vector, eye openness, and other key factors, to determine the driver’s state. The aftermarket solution, which is targeted at fleets and TSPs, aims to help reduce accidents involving commercial vehicles where distraction and fatigue account as two of the largest causes of accidents.


Ambarella’s CV25 processor was selected due to its advanced artificial intelligence CVflow architecture, which complements Eyesight Technologies’ Driver Sense, driver monitoring software. The CV25 processor is ideal for processing Eyesight Technologies’ neural networks and advanced computer vision algorithms and is optimal for DMS needs while leaving room for additional future applications and features. The system will be delivered by Eyesight Technologies’ in a device targeting the commercial vehicle industry.


“We’re proud to expand our partnership with Eyesight Technologies for OEMs and Tier 1s to now include the fleet and TSP segment,” said Fermi Wang, CEO of Ambarella. “It’s exciting to see how Eyesight Technologies has efficiently implemented their safety applications on our CVflow SoC, creating a comprehensive video telematics solution.”


“With an estimated 500,000 commercial vehicle related accidents annually in the US alone, there is a serious need to provide this sector with proper tools to combat this reality,” said David Tolub, CEO of Eyesight Technologies. “Our aftermarket hardware device will provide the global fleet and TSP market with a state-of-the-art DMS hardware solution that can be installed into commercial vehicles driving our roads today”.



About Eyesight Technologies

Eyesight Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company focuses on the automotive in-cabin environment, offering Driver Sense – driver monitoring system, Cabin Sense – occupancy monitoring systems and driver monitoring solutions for fleets. Over a decade of research and development stands behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology, Eyesight Technologies is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing solutions can see and accomplish – for better and safer mobility.


About Ambarella

Ambarella’s products are used in a wide variety of human and computer vision applications, including video security, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), electronic mirror, drive recorder, driver/cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and robotic applications. Ambarella’s low-power system- on-chips (SoCs) offer high-resolution video compression, advanced image processing, and powerful deep neural network processing to enable intelligent cameras to extract valuable data from high-resolution video streams. For more information, please visit www.ambarella.com