Eyesight Technologies and Ariel University deploying mobile laboratory to research the drivers state behind the wheel

From the article in Automotive World:

Eyesight Technologies, an AI computer vision solutions leader, and Ariel University, today announced an ongoing collaboration on the university’s ‘Mobile Laboratory’ (M-Lab). The collaboration is part of Ariel University’s wider study, and will provide Eyesight Technologies with unique datasets to study the state of drivers behind the wheel.


The M-Lab test vehicle is equipped with Eyesight Technologies Driver Sense, a driver monitoring system which provides the lab with accurate monitoring data related to the driver’s face and eyes. The vision layer of the company’s technology monitors eye openness, blink rate, the direction of the driver’s gaze, and head pose, among other factors to determine the state of the driver behind the wheel.


Eyesight Technologies is utilizing M-Lab’s field tests and the data from the various sensors to extract valuable insight about the state of the driver, allowing the company to further evaluate, monitor and improve its driver monitoring solution. The sensor fusion and data collaboration between all available systems provide Eyesight Technologies with crucial information beyond what is available using the driver Monitoring sensor data alone.


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