Eyesight Technologies creates CabinSense™ – a Smart Car Cabin software, which makes cars better understand their occupants


Eyesight Technologies, a leading creator of AI computer vision solutions, today announced the launch of its new CabinSense™ in-car Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS).

“Cars are becoming very powerful computerized environments which can protect their occupants and cater to their needs in various ways. However, cars can do so intelligently only if they truly understand who is present and what is the occupant’s state in real time,” said Eyesight’s CEO Gideon Shmuel. The CabinSense software helps turn the automobile cabin into the ultimate smart environment, making the driving experience safer and more enjoyable for the driver and passengers.”

Smarter Cabin 

CabinSense OMS sees inside the cabin using computer vision to recognize the passengers, their ages, genders and position.

The CabinSense facial recognition system identifies enrolled users. This allows carmakers to create a fully personalized in-car environment, automatically adjusting features such as the cabin’s temperature, seats, volume and media selection based on the individual and group preferences.

As cars become more autonomous, we will experience a major shift from driving experience to riding experience. The car cabin is slowly evolving into something more like a mobile lounge – a third space, following home and office. The CabinSense software enables demographic-based targeting of media, environmental preferences and even advertising, based on the detected passengers and their determined ages and genders.

Safer Cabin

Critically, the CabinSense solution can also make car rides safer for passengers.

Modern safety gear in cars is only effective if used correctly. Incorrect seat belt use “is hazardous and may cause fatal injuries in otherwise survivable accidents”, according to a well-known trauma study.

The CabinSense software allows cars to intelligently protect their passengers. The system can detect if passengers are wearing their seatbelts properly and if people are sitting safely. This information can be used to alert the driver or passenger to fix their belt, or to disable airbags when a child-seat is detected.

The system also enables active safety measures.

Airbags protect sitting passengers but could cause inadvertent harm to a passenger sleeping across the back seats or a child on an adult’s lap. Airbags are mainly designed to protect adults, but some front airbags can cause injuries to teenagers.

Research also suggests that, due to differing bone density, newer side airbags can harm elderly women while protecting elderly men.

The CabinSense softwaredetects the age and gender of passengers. This can power real-time safety systems in the case of an accident, like smart airbags and seatbelt ‘tugs’ matched to passengers’ positions, detected ages and genders.

CabinSense uses ultra-efficient edge computing algorithms. All calculations are done in the car and there is no need for cloud access. As it develops, it will also include object detection for items left behind such as phones or briefcases left in a car, and activity monitoring will spot if passengers are drinking or smoking.

The CabinSense software is available to car manufacturers and Tier-1 providers to integrate into their new car designs. It joins DriverSense, the company’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) that tracks driver attentiveness and drowsiness, and “Fleet Sense”, an aftermarket DMS solution to be used by the fleet industry.