eyeSight Technologies Receives Technology Innovation Award for Embedded Computer Vision in the Automotive Industry from Frost & Sullivan

eyeSight’s groundbreaking in-car automotive solution increases driver safety while personalizing and simplifying the in-cabin user experience


HERZLIYA, Israel , March 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — eyeSight Technologies, a leader in embedded computer vision and deep learning solutions, announces today it has received Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Award for Embedded Computer Vision for the Automotive Industry. The award recognizes companies that excel in finding new ways to excite the market and maintain a long-term commitment to innovation. eyeSight was recognized for its leadership in computer vision and its willingness to push the boundaries to develop groundbreaking embedded computer vision solutions that will revolutionize the in-car experience.

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 80 percent of accidents and 65 percent of near misses involve some form of driver distraction, including using infotainment systems, talking on cell phones, or texting.

eyeSight leverages its computer vision expertise to address the need for distraction-free driving with automotive solutions that make the driving experience safer and more personalized. eyeSight provides real-time driver monitoring with embedded active sensing solutions that track the driver’s face and eyes to check for drowsiness and inattentiveness. It also provides touch-free gesture recognition to help easily control central functions in the car’s infotainment system. Using driver recognition, eyeSight’s technology allows identification and personalization features to adjust the in-car environment to the detected driver’s preferences, such as playlists, climate, mirrors, seat position, and more.


“eyeSight has demonstrated its leadership in this space by developing driver monitoring and touch-free interaction solutions that have pushed the boundaries in the computer vision industry. These groundbreaking solutions will revolutionize the automotive space, increase driver safety, deliver a more enhanced and bespoke driving experience, and increase customer ROI,” said XKiran Vijaya, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan. “We see the potential of eyeSight’s technology to be disruptive across a variety of industries, not only the automotive industry. It significantly increases user awareness by obtaining actionable analytics, leading to the type of hyper-personalized and evolved customer experience necessary for companies to gain and maintain a competitive edge.”


“We are especially proud to receive this prestigious honor for our innovation and to be labeled a disruptive brand by Frost & Sullivan. This award recognizes the results of many years of research and development to create market leading embedded computer vision solutions that can be found in millions of devices worldwide,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight Technologies. “Distracted driving is a significant safety hazard that can be addressed with our Driver Monitoring solution that not only helps prevent it, but also enhances the driver experience.”