Success Story: Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico’s Success with Cipia-FS10

In the last years, Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico has made substantial advancements in fleet safety and efficiency by integrating innovative Fleet Management technologies. Among these is Cipia-FS10 driver monitoring system (DMS) which stands out as a pivotal enhancement in their long-haul fleet operations. Cipia-FS10 DMS provides a robust and particularly effective solution to managing driver fatigue and distraction, key factors in maintaining road safety.

According to Marco Avila, Director of Transportation at Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico, an overwhelming 86% of their accidents were attributed to human error. This insight drove the decision to leverage technology that aids drivers in making safer decisions.

The Cipia-FS10 is designed to work in conjunction with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to deliver a cutting-edge Video Telematics solution. Cipia’s DMS focuses on the driver’s behavior within the vehicle, while ADAS monitors external conditions. Rafael Danon, Regional Director of IOT Transportation, Intcomex highlighted the need for a solution that not only complements ADAS but also ensures effective reduction of accidents rates through accurate detection of drowsy and distracted driving. With Cipia-FS10 driver is alerted seconds before a collision, caused by distraction or fatigue, while ADAS might detect a risk when it is already too late to prevent the accident.  Rodrigo Gomez, Chief Visionary Officer of APV noted the impressive impact of integrating Cipia-FS10, with a 90% reduction in phone use while driving and a 70% decrease in accidents. These statistics prove the effectiveness of APV’s approach of an integral behavior and performance system, which takes into account three main pillars: the person (Human Factor), technology (ADAS and Cipia-FS10 DMS), and last, information (Data).

The positive outcomes extend beyond safety improvements. Between 2022 and 2023, Coca-Cola FEMSA observed a 34% reduction in claims costs, attributing this success to the implementation of various technologies including the Cipia-FS10. With the fleet covering approximately 80 million kilometers annually and over 1,000 certified drivers, the scale of these improvements is significant.

Dudy Markus, VP Aftermarket at Cipia, commented, ‘These significant improvements in fleet safety, efficiency, and cost savings at Coca-Cola FEMSA serve as a perfect example of the importance of a robust Driver Monitoring System (DMS), and the critical visibility and actionable insights it provides for driver behavior improvement. It highlights our commitment to enhancing safety through Cipia’s automotive-grade Video Telematics technologies that accurately detect driver’s state in all driving environments and conditions with exceptionally low rates of false alerts’.

This example illustrates how integrating targeted technologies can yield substantial benefits in safety, efficiency, and financial savings, setting a benchmark in the logistics and transportation sectors.

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About Cipia:

Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company’s product lineup includes Driver Sense (driver monitoring system), Cabin Sense (occupancy monitoring system) and Cipia-FS10, a video telematics and a driver monitoring solution for telematics service providers and fleets. Over a decade of research and development stand behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology, which has been selected by OEMs globally and serves vehicles on the roads today. To date (June 2024), Cipia holds 66 design wins across 10 car manufacturers in the US, Europe and China.