The Times: “Driverless cars may take over if humans are drowsy”

Article from the The Times:

“Level 3” driverless cars will require a driver at the wheel throughout journeys
The scene: a drizzly and dark M4 in the near future. A semi-autonomous truck is nearing its turn-off and the driver is alerted that he needs to take control.

But his eyes are drooping. Instead of exiting on the slip road, the truck refuses to hand over the wheel and drives to the next services where the driver has a sleep. That is the vision of an academic collaboration looking to cope with “level 3” driverless cars. While most technologists envision how the world will change when cars are fully automated, known as level 6, there are several intermediary stages.
The one concerning car companies most is level 3. This is when some parts of driving are automated and the driver is still expected to…

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