US lawmaker calls on Tesla to suspend Autopilot feature

From the article in Business Insider:

Distracted driving is a significant problem for self-driving vehicles, as those using a semi-autonomous driving system spend up to 80% of their time not watching the road, according to a study by the RAC Foundation.

Automakers looking to quickly implement similar features to head off potential misuse of their technology can look to work with startups in the smart camera space. One potential partner is Eyesight Technologies, which unveiled an updated in-vehicle camera this month targeted toward the trucking industry that can alert users to distracted driving.

If co-opted for passenger vehicles, Eyesight’s solution could be well suited for automakers, enabling them to issue alerts for distracting activities, like texting or smoking, that could lead to accidents. Without an in-car camera system, automakers could leave themselves open to elongated investigations over incidents involving their self-driving systems, as they’d lack video proof that a driver was misusing the technology.

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