NEWS: Cipia to showcase Cabin Sense, driver and occupancy monitoring embedded software running on NVIDIA at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 4, 2024 – Cipia (TASE: CPIA), an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, will present at CES 2024 Cabin Sense, which includes both driver and occupancy monitoring, and is expected to go into serial production during 2024.

Cipia will present its embedded product code optimized for the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC), leveraging the automotive-grade processor’s powerful compute performance to support in-cabin sensing capabilities, alongside additional safety and convenience functions.

Cipia’s Cabin Sense solution is flexible and can accommodate a variety of automotive-grade compute platforms, and is designed for integration on standalone ECUs, as well as ADAS and IVI domain controllers. NVIDIA DRIVE is the first platform on which Cabin Sense will run commercially.

Tal Krzypow, VP Product & Strategy at Cipia, said, “We’re excited to bring the latest technology to the in-cabin sensing market, evolving beyond driver monitoring into the next phase: full cabin monitoring. Combining both driver and occupant monitoring on the same SoC and sensor contributes to a lower cost for the system as a whole and promotes wider and faster adoption in the market. Tapping the proven NVIDIA DRIVE compute platform is a natural choice to introduce these capabilities.”

“The automotive industry is increasingly moving toward the use of generative AI and large language models in vehicles,” said Rishi Dhall, VP of Automotive at NVIDIA. “Cipa’s in-cabin sensing software running on NVIDIA’s robust accelerated compute hardware offers automakers and tier 1 manufacturers a system for creating smart, safe and delightful experiences inside the car.”

The NVIDIA DRIVE Orin SoC delivers 254 trillion operations per second and is a central computer for intelligent vehicles. In addition to powering in-cabin applications, it can also support highly automated and autonomous-driving capabilities, scaling from level 2++ to level 5.

Cabin Sense OMS availability:
Cipia is also announcing the availability of Cabin Sense embedded evaluation kit. Contact Cipia at for further information.

Meet Cipia at CES 2024:
Cipia will be located at LVCC, North Hall Booth # 11022. It is recommended to set meetings with Cipia at CES in advance by emailing



About Cipia:

Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company’s product lineup includes Driver Sense (driver monitoring system), Cabin Sense (driver and occupancy monitoring system) and Cipia-FS10, a video telematics and a DMS for telematics service providers and fleets. Over a decade of research and development stand behind the company’s proprietary market-leading computer vision technology, which has been selected by OEMs globally and serves vehicles on the roads today.

To date, Cipia holds 57 design wins, across 9 car manufacturers in the US, Europe and China.

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